The Lye Saga
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Story Five:

Dead Zone: the third return of Garlic Jr

"What the fuck!" Jennifer Shouted, staring at her computer, trying mentally to make Rob spontaneously combust. "How the hell can he do this to me?" but in order for you, the reader to understand, I'll backtrack a few minutes.

Jen and Rob's icq discussion:
Jen: I e-mailed you the latest of the Lye saga (Vegeta's troubles)
Rob: so when will you write another one?
Jen: I dunno
Rob: write one now.

I mean what the hell, does he think all I o is just sit at my computer and push out stories from my feeble little brain. So this is for you rob.

"Dead Zone, the third return of Garlic Jr.)


It had been almost a year since the mishap with Vegeta killing Bulma and all. Bulma forgave Lye for the incident, but Vegeta never did. That why Lye decided not be around the dbz gang anymore, she moved into her own little cottage in the woods, and lived a solitary life, ever fearing Vegeta's cold gaze. But somewhere, where no one knows where it is (did that make sense?) A person, (no one knows who it is ) wished for Garlic Jr to return to life. So he did. He appeared on Kame's look out. Luckily Kame and Mr. Popo were in the other dimension, talking to King Yama,
So Garlic Jr didn't kill them.
And what did that shriveled little bastard do, as soon as he returned to this plane? Why he went and got the black water mist. There was none left, but right beside it, was evil mist. He read the label: "makes anyone with a pure heart, turn completely evil. He used a magic looking glass, to look for anyone with a pure heart. Tow people showed up, a idiotic saiyan named Goku. Garlic Jr recognized him. Goku and his son had beaten him twice already, he didn't want to chance it a third time. But this girl. A demon her thought. "How can she have a pure heart." he shrugged, and used the potion on her.

Lye was just walking outside her little hut, when she felt it. A deep burning, it started at her feet, and flowed all through her body, til it pierced her heat. She let out a painful cry, and that was all that sh remembered. She was enveloped in darkness.

The now evil demon Lye flew around. And who was the first person she came across? Why it was Gohan! He was riding on Higher Dragon shouting! " fly Icarus ! Fly!"
Lye was outraged by this. She blasted them both. Of course Gohan survived, but Higher Dragon was dead.
"You bitch!" Gohan shouted! Then he got a good look at her "Lye?" he asked
no reply
"Okay Lye, this isn't funny!" Lye attacked. She riped off his arm.
"FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Gohan screamed. Lye attacked again, but Gohan flew away, and out of sight.
"Serves that ugly bastard right." Lye mumbled. And she flew off in the opposite direction.

She landed in a park. She looked around for some old couples to torture, but there was no one there. The whole park was deserted, except for the exception of a big ol' black cat.
Lye picked it up and bit out a big chunk from its back. She spit it out in disgust. She had to get rid of the dying, foul tasting creature. She flew around til she saw a green man sitting cross legged on a hill. She chucked the now dead cat at him, and flew away.

"Rob, Rob Rob" Jen sighed. It had been three days, and this story was getting no where. Why did he want her to continue the Lye saga.? She was an artist.... not a writer. But he was so insistent. He was like the only one who even read her stories, but she felt a strong sense of duty....or maybe she was just bored.. But she HAD to finish the story. No matter how stupid it ended up being.

Lye continued to terrorize people, while Gohan stumbled home. He opened the door to his house, and collapsed inside. Chi Chi went crazy, she tended to Goahn all the while screaming "What the hell happened to you?" And "my poor baby" and "I'll kill the asshole who did this to you." Finally Gohan decided to speak.
"You remember Lye?" He asked his mother.
"The crazy psycho bitch who tried to kill you and goten, so I killed her, then she went to Kind Kai's place while your father was taking over for him, so he took her to Master roshi's house, and she was frightened away to a small island, the same small island where we all decided to go to camp, then Vegeta almost killed her, and she fell in love with him, and made him kill Bulma, ? Yeah I remember her."
"Well she did this."
Chi Chi powered up! "That bitch!" She shouted! "I'll kill her!" she charged for the door, but Gohan stopped her,
"No mom, she's too powerful for you. something happened to her, it reminds me of that black mist stuff, only problem is, she has a pure heart. So the black mist can't effect her."
"I'll call Bulma" Chi Chi said, and she did just that.

Chi Chi told Bulma everything, and they both decided it was best if Vegeta went and talked to Lye.
The only problem was that Bulma had to convince Vegeta.
"Please Vegeta"
Just then, Lye burst in through the door, she grabbed Bulma, and flew off, carrying her by her hair. Vegeta had no choice but to follow her.

Meanwhile on Kame's lookout, Kame and Mr. Popo were about to hop off the flying carpet onto the lookout, when Mr. Popo noticed Garlic Jr. So He flew off to warn someone, before Garlic Jr noticed them.

*************************************************************** ****************

Vegeta was just about to save his wife, and kick the shit out of Lye, when Mr. Popo and Kame arrived.
"Noooooooo!" Kame shouted. Vegeta paused, Lye and bulma looked at him.
"What do you want you wrinkled old fart?" Vegeta snorted, his ki blast was powering up in his hand as his anger grew.
"Don't kill her, it's Garlic Jr. , he's done something to her."
"How is that possible?" Bulma asked, Lye still holding onto her hair. "Lye supposedly has a pure heart."
"Well...." Kame began, and he explained about the potion Garlic Jr used, and how it turns anyone with a pure heart completely evil, only catch is they have to be filled with another emotion, like fear, or love, or sadness.
So the flew to Kame's lookout, and reversed the effects on Lye, and killed Garlic Jr once and for all. (He was no longer invincible for some reason)


Later that day, Gohan was healed, and so was everyone else Lye had hurt (part of the reversing effects of the potion) and Lye was apologizing to everyone.
The Bulma finally popped the question (no she wasn't proposing to Lye, although that would be funny....hmmmm? Sounds like another good idea for a fic to me ^__^)
"Lye, what emotion are you so full of that would let that potion affect you so much?"
Lye just looked at them
"I bet it's her love for Vegeta." Gohan said.
"No, Lye said quietly, I'm over him." She glanced at Vegeta, he glared at her.
"The what is it?" Chi Chi asked.
"You see...."

"Mwahahahahahahaha!" Jennifer Laughed. You all have to wait to see what's up with Lye! Tune in for the next edition of the Lye Saga..."Lucky"

this story is not done, you will have to wait for me to finish it... *insane laughter*